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 Profile Template

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Character Information
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PostSubject: Profile Template   Mon Oct 08, 2012 5:18 pm


NAME. Your character's real name
ALIAS. Nicknames
AGE. Somewhere between 13 and 70 is a good number
GENDER. Male or female
SEXUALITY. Heterosexual, homosexual, pansexual, piesexual, whatever


Choose four skills from the skill list and enter their names below. It is recommended you chose at least one weapon skill, one defensive skill, and one crafting/other. That is not a requirement, just a suggestion. Replace the word "skill" with the actual skill name in caps. Keep the period.


New characters are allowed two E-rank Sword Arts. For information about their creation, please refer to the Sword Arts Training thread in the bazaar.
ART NAME. associated skill(s) (i.e straight dagger, one-handed curved swords)
1 Strikes, 0 Special, 125% Speed, 125% Power
insert description here.

ART NAME. associated skill(s)
1 Strikes, 0 Special, 125% Speed, 125% Power
insert description here


List or paragraphs with 5 positive and 5 negative traits. If you chose to use paragraphs, please bold the traits so they're easy to see. Also try and include any hobbies, likes, dislikes, or other important information.


A recount of your characters past in the real world. Parents, siblings, love, hate, whatever. We expect a reasonable amount, but don't kill yourself trying to make it longer. There is a 2 paragraph minimum. This means about 8 sentences. Minimum generally means you should try and do more than it.
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Profile Template
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