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PostSubject: GUILDS   Mon Oct 08, 2012 6:52 pm


Guilds come in a variety of types with a myriad of goals, though they all share a single important trait. They're all player created and player run. There are no NPC run guilds.

All official guilds receive a 10% bonus in terms of points and experience while working with guildmates.


At least five characters from five different players are required in order to form a guild. Furthermore, the leader must have met all other members in character. In order to finalize the making of the guild, a sum of 10,000PT must be paid. Once these requirements are met, the guild receives its badge and the benefits hereof.

The leader of any given guild in the making, is required to supply a thread containing all information about the guild. The thread must include the goals and purpose of the guild, as well as recruitment requirements and availability. The thread is to be posted within the network.


No guild may house more than two Beast Tamers.
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