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 [NPC] Sword Art Training

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PostSubject: [NPC] Sword Art Training   Mon Oct 08, 2012 8:44 pm


The creation of Sword Arts requires little more than an excess of experience and a little creativity. There are six ranks of Sword Arts ranging from E, the weakest, to S, the strongest. Each rank allows characters to go further and further above the their body's physical limits, easily surpassing what is normally possible.

E-Rank: 250%
D-Rank: 350%
C-Rank: 450%
B-Rank: 550%
A-Rank: 650%
S-Rank: 750%

! Sword Art Golden Rules !
1. Sword Arts ALWAYS last 1 post long.
2. Sword Arts ALWAYS use offensive skills.
3. POWER and SPEED cannot be below 25%.
4. All Arts start with 1 free STRIKE.
5. Each STRIKE requires 25% SPEED.

All prices are subject to change and purchases are nonrefundable.


There are four different statistics that make up a Sword Art: Power, Speed, Strikes, and Special. The percentage listed under your rank of Sword Art is distributed between the aforementioned stats.

Power is the direct strength of the blow. A 100% distribution in Power would be equal to a normal strike. A 200% distribution in Power would be equal to striking an opponent twice as hard. The Power stat cannot go below 25%.

Speed is the swiftness with which a Sword Art is executed. Each point in Strike requires at least 25% speed to ensure all strikes are within the duration of the Sword Art. For example, a 6 strike attack needs at least 150% speed to be acceptable.

Strikes are the number of times your Sword Art connects with an opponent. Each strike requires 25% speed, that is the bare minimum to ensure all attacks land on the same post. Strike always starts at 1 and cannot be reduced.

Special is a multipurpose stat that induces status effects, modifies Sword Art range, and a variety of other abilities. This stat begins at 0. More detailed information concerning this particular stat can be found here.

In order to increase the amount of strikes or special abilities, the player must spend 50% from the Sword Art's total pool per point used.


Just click the names for examples! These are ALL E-Rank Sword Arts.
(coming soon)





All Sword Arts may be used at will, however they stress the character's body and thus cannot be used too quickly or too often. Excessive use of powerful techniques will quickly fatigue a player beyond recovery. Because of this, there are a few restrictions of the number of times a Sword Art may be preformed per day. In addition, only a single Sword Art may be preformed per post in any gamemaster moderated fight.

E-Rank: unlimited
D-Rank: 5
C-Rank: 3
B-Rank: 2
A-Rank: 1
S-Rank: 1

Along with their limit, S-Rank Sword Arts all have unique drawbacks or costs associated with them. This occasionally happens to A-Rank techniques as well, but it isn't as common.

If used enough, a player's body may adjust to be able to preform a certain Sword Art more than normal. This is a random occurrence and you will be notified by a gamemaster if this happens to you.

Once you've learned a sword art, it's possible to teach the technique to a willing pupil. The pupil may learn the exact same Sword Art at a 20% discount.



cost: ∑2,000


cost: ∑5,000
upgrade: ∑3,500


cost: ∑10,000
upgrade: ∑6,000


cost: ∑20,000
upgrade: ∑12,000


cost: ∑40,000
upgrade: ∑25,000


cost: ∑80,000
upgrade: ∑50,000
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[NPC] Sword Art Training
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