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PostSubject: EQUIPMENT CRAFTING   Mon Oct 08, 2012 8:46 pm


You must choose a level at or below your crafting skill level as the target level of your crafting. This serve as the base level of your newly created item. If you would like to have an exact level for an item with no gamemaster interference, the selected level must be 100 levels below your crafting level.

You may choose to use any number of materials of varying quality so long as you own all of them. When creating a description for your crafted items, please keep what you're using to create the item in mind.

The following things affect the level of your crafted gear:
1. The selected base level
2. Quality of materials
3. Number of materials
4. Quality of forge and equipment
5. Randomness

In order for you to craft anything you must have access to the proper equipment. All profession equipment is available for rent in all towns for a cost based on quality. If you own a house you may install profession equipment for yourself to use so you no longer have to rent from outside sources.



cost: target level x §10
Extra materials required for the crafting of your item. Flasks, fluxes, coal, whatever else will be covered by this fee.


cost: §10 to §10,000
Renting equipment costs anywhere from 10 to 10,000 depending on the quality. There are four ranks, each increasing in cost by 10 times. The quality of this equipment is quite an important factor in determining the level of gear.


cost: target level x §100
All other fees will be covered if you use an NPC craftsperson. Just specify a level and they'll do the work for you. If you choose this route, you cannot determine what the weapon looks like. NPCs also have shoddy workmanship, though you don't have much choice if you don't have a crafting skill.
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