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PostSubject: PLAYER SHOPS   Mon Oct 08, 2012 8:47 pm


Have an amazing crafting skill that you leveled? Want to profit from it? Or maybe just help out fellow players stuck in SAO? Well you definitely can! Players are encouraged to sell both services and items to other players.

In order for any purchase from a player store to go through, you must fill out the form below and submit it. The second player involved must also post confirming their intent before it can be accepted.


You don't need permission from anyone to set up a shop here so long as you actually have something to sell. Just throw up a thread in the bazaar and get sell'n! Crafting, training, sword arts, and equipment are just a few ideas. You're welcome to price your own stuff however you like. Bartering is acceptable as well. The only thing you can't trade are sexual favors and experience points. Blame proboards for the former.

Formatting for shops is also up to the proprietor, though please don't stretch the board to rape my eyes with your epilepsy-inducing gifs. Try and keep things clear and readable. As for topic names, use whatever you like.

Only one thread per character, please.
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