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 [NPC] Item Shop

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PostSubject: [NPC] Item Shop   Mon Oct 08, 2012 8:49 pm


Various items that can't be crafted or found are sold by generic NPC vendors in every town. They're all generally useful in one way or another.



cost: §2,000
5 seconds after use, this item teleports a player to the closest safe town. Can be used to escape from unfavorable fights or to fix being extremely lost. Unusable in certain zones or while under the effects of item dampening. Has one use before disappearing. You can only carry one at a time. Can be locked to specific towns or the jail.


cost: §50
Sets down a temporary campfire for cooking or alchemy purposes. Can be placed anywhere as it comes already lit! Amazing what you can do with stuff when it's in a video game. Just select it from your menu to place it down. It'll burn for an hour unless you choose to put it out sooner which can be done via context menu. One time use. You can carry up to five at time.


cost: §100
Cook'n pot for making a killer stew or brewing a creepy potion. Just don't explode anything in it because it probably won't survive. Once you buy one, you get to keep it forever! Unless you blow it up, then you have to replace it.


cost: §200
Fancy fishing but don't have the skill? No worries, you can still catch anchovies. Sure, your skill won't increase and you won't be hauling up the big ones, but you can still cast out and have fun. Once you have it, you're good forever. Unless a fish drags it out to sea.


cost: §100
Whatever kind you like! Except extremely large stuff like pianos. Just one per purchase, though you can buy musical instruments more than once. When you buy this, be sure to note what kind of instrument you want, otherwise we'll pick on for you.
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[NPC] Item Shop
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