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PostSubject: Andathar   Tue Oct 16, 2012 10:17 pm


NAME. Andy Caesar
ALIAS. Andathar
AGE. 17
SEXUALITY. Heterosexual


Straight Daggers
Light Metal Equipment
Battle Healing
Dual Wielding


ART NAME. Lightning Strike Flash
associated skill(s) straight dagger, Dual Wielding
4 Strikes, 0 Special, 150% Speed, 100% Power
While wielding two Straight Daggers, rapidly strikes with near lightning speed at critical kill points.

ART NAME. Blood Strike
associated skill(s) Straight Daggers, Dual Wielding
2 Strikes, 0 Special, 195% Speed, 85% Power
Attaches two straight daggers together to create a fast spinning ranged boomerang attack.

Positive Traits:
He is very loyal to his friends
He thinks fast in tough and scary situations
He is known for being a great team leader
Negative Traits:
He does got cocky sometimes
He occasionally gets irrational
He commonly rushes into battles before thinking
Sleeping, crafting things, staring out into space, hunting, cooking
Likes: Becoming strong, powerful opponents, hanging out with small groups
Dislikes: Large groups, people that think they are better then everyone else, wimps

Andy was born in the United States and was one of the only Americans to be able to buy the nerve gear and SAO video game when it was released. He was born into a family of rich upbringing along with two brothers and one sister. As an avid hardcore gamer he dedicated all of his time mastering the use of the nerve gear. He is a bladed weapons master and a martial artist. After hearing about Sword Art Online, he jumped at the chance of a real virtual battling environment so he can test his skills in real time without worring about actually dying. On its release, he quickly bought it and instantly logged in.
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