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PostSubject: Branok   Sat May 31, 2014 11:56 pm


NAME. Brandon Cillin (Last name pronounced with a hard 'K')
ALIAS. Sarge
AGE. 23
SEXUALITY. Heterosexual


Two-Handed Straight Sword
Heavy-Metal Equipment
Weapon Guard
Slash Weapon Forging


The Guillotine. associated skill(s) (Two-Handed Straight Sword)
1 Strikes, 0 Special, 100% Speed, 200% Power
The sword is raised above the users head to activate it. His left leg is set behind his right in a lunging stance. The wielder then lunges toward the opponent aiming for his neck. Upon getting close the wielder then brings the blade down toward the neck in a powerful strike.

Great sword Barrage. associated skill(s) (Two-Handed Straight Sword)
3 Strikes, 0 Special, 110% Speed, 170% Power
The wielder starts with the blade held by his side (similar to how a baseball bat is held) He squats down further before the attack starts. He then will start by running to the opponents right side. The sword is then swung down to the wielders left side for a diagonal upward strike on the opponent. After the blow is landed or missed it is followed by a strike from the right side in a horizontal strike to the opponents head or torso depending on the location and height of the enemy. The wielder of the great sword then jumps into the air for a final strike from the air. The blade is brought above his head and then brought down on the enemies upper body/head.


List or paragraphs with 5 positive and 5 negative traits. If you chose to use paragraphs, please bold the traits so they're easy to see. Also try and include any hobbies, likes, dislikes, or other important information.

Positive Traits:
1. Honorable
2. Charitable
3. Positive
4. Caring
5. Determined
Negative Traits:
1. Distant
2. Impatient
3. Overconfident
4. Proud
5. Hesitant

Brandon likes to fish and relax outside. He doesn't like pretentiousness or childishness. He is very straight forward and blunt so he doesn't like over examining things or people who drag on with something. His hobbies include besides fishing are cooking and hunting. He enjoys sports and having a few drinks with his comrades.


Brandon is a tall and muscular man. He stands at 6' 0" and is very well built. He has broad shoulders and a wide chest. He has a soldiers body due to a lot of working out and constant training. He has medium length dirty blonde hair. He has no facial hair due to regulations. His eyes are a deep blue. His eyes have known to lose color and become a greyish blue in times of stress.


Brandon was born in the United States and lived there for most of his life. He grew up in New Orleans, Louisiana. He participated in football and soccer. He is a bigger man of 6 feet and very athletic and is very strong as well. He was constantly in the GYM working out or outside constantly running. When he hit 17 however his family moved to Colorado for his fathers work. Brandon enjoyed video games almost as much as he enjoyed sports. He was fairly good at them as well. After he graduated high school he decided to enlist in the US Army. He joined as an 11B (Infantryman).

In his military life he was stationed in Germany and South Korea. Upon his promotion to Sargent he was transferred to Japan. He is 23 now and is living in Tokyo, Japan. Brandon took part in many MMOs as he lived in Japan. When he saw Sword Art Online he thought it the perfect opportunity to relax. He had decided he might stay in the Army or go back to the US to attend school. But all that was put on hold due to the one thing that many people are dealing with... He cannot leave the game.
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