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PostSubject: Ssendom   Wed Apr 29, 2015 10:31 am


Username: Ssendom
Nickname: “Warsworn” | “Juggernaut of the Blade” | “Battleborn”
Real name: Masurao Yakuma
Gender: Male
Height: 6'2''
Weight: 213 lbs
Age: 18

Medium longish flowing backwards to spikish brunette hair with bangs coming infront of his face. Slight purplish tint to his Light blue eyes, coupled with a very hostile seeming squintiness around his eyes, very firm and masculine features and a decently defined body.

Life before SAO:
Masurao is the son of a Professional Japanese Baseball player who went to the America's to play in their Major League Baseball association apart of the Texas Rangers. Masurao's father didn't care much for staying in Japan, when the man got the offer to play for the team he left without a moment's notice and didn't take his wife or only child with him. His father leaves Masurao's mother just enough money to keep the house afloat, but not enough to truly take care of them forcing her to work 2 different jobs leaving Masurao at home with noone to care for him.

Known for being a large and scary looking guy, Masurao has always been a loner. All the other children in school shunned him due to his name seeming as a bad omen. Due to being a loner from an early age in elementary school all the way into High School, he never truly tried to keep his grades up and was a barely passing his classes at the end of each year. Being bullied in his early years caused him to be afraid of others and caused him great trauma when trying to focus on school, always fearful of behind himself checking over his shoulder constantly.

After one bad incident with another kid who broke Masurao's nose, he vowed never to be picked on again, he took the meaning of his name (Warrior) to heart, and began working out daily till he could stand up to the others that tried to fight him. After he became fit he thought he would be more accepted into the school social society, but it did just the opposite... he felt more alone than ever.

After a while of trying to find something to do with his free time after school he took to video gaming, he found the Roleplaying Games to be the most enjoyable. People befriended him without knowing what he looked like. He began developing his skill at these games and adopted the identity of the true warrior, clad in iron and wielding a devastating blade. He enjoyed the idea, but after years of playing these games he found them to be no challenge anymore until one day when he heard about Sword Art Online.

Masurao spent days, even weeks studying all about Kayaba Akihiko and the new game Sword Art Online. Masurao was so infatuated with the idea that he stopped paying all attention in school focusing on his plans to the game. He took a part time job as a news-paper delivery boy to earn the funds necessary for the Nerve-Gear and enough for the game itself. Masurao got hooked on the idea of the game strongly enough that he skipped 3 days of school to secure the very first spot in line to receive the game, he took the necessities needed to survive for the 3 days thinking it would be useful to start doing this in a brand new world. When Masurao entered the world and was delivered the news that you only have one chance in this world, it was the first time he felt as though he truly smiled and was eager to get to what's to come.

Shyish and Quiet, tends to stick to himself. While around others he keeps his thoughts to himself. Masurao is also very Blunt that seems heartless. If he is pestered for long enough or asked for his honest opinion or feeling, he doesn't hesitate to deliver that exactly; regardless of how hurtful it could possibly come across. He overly enjoys walking around in peaceful zones such as park's and forests. And has a bad habit of tapping his feet to a beat that randomly forms into his head.

Compassion: He understands being alone and doesn't judge people by how they look and always attempts to treat people equally
Patient: He has learned that all good things come to those who wait.
Opportunist: He has learned that all good things come to those who work for it.
Persistence: He never gives up on anyone or anything.
Bravery: Masurao will take on any challenge with the intent to be the better of it.

Pride: Masurao has grown his way of thinking, he follows by one ultimate rule for himself; Death Before Dishonor. He will never give up and he will never surrender.
Sacrifice: Masurao isn't an imbecile, he knows when a situation has taken a turn for the worse, but he would rather let himself perish than anyone else fall in his presence, he will give his life for another to live and will refuse to go down until he knows he is the only one that can fall.
Honesty: Masurao refuses to lie... Sometimes that's not very nice.
Hot-Tempered: Masurao is easy to rile up, due to his lack of self confidence in his past. He can quickly go from make well informed decisions, to outright acting without
Unreasonable: When Masurao has set his mind to something, there is virtually no way of convincing him that it is the incorrect (way, thing, choice, etc.) to do.

Sexual Orientation:

Two-Handed Straight Sword SKILL.
Heavy Metal Equipment SKILL.
Extended Weight Limit SKILL.
Perception SKILL.

Sword Arts:
Ravaging Strikes (Two-Handed Straight Sword)
2 Strikes, 0 Special, 75% Speed, 175% Power
The sword begins to glow blue as he brings it to his right side then he focus's his energy into a powerful swing from his right side, after the strike connects (be it blocked or not) he reel's the weapon back against and swings from the same side again slightly harder than the first time [First strike does 75% Power, the Second 100% Power] (If the first swing misses he is staggered for a brief second and doesn't occur a second swing)

Decimating Slam (Two-Handed Straight Sword)
1 Strike, 0 Special, 25% Speed, 225% Power
Focus's his energy into the sword and it begins to glow red while it's slowly raised over his head, then slams it down with Devastating force.
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