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PostSubject: COMBAT   Mon Oct 08, 2012 6:45 pm


Combat in Sword Art Online is a very similar to fighting in real life. Characters aren't restricted to any abnormal movements or cardinal directions. All characters have a free range of movement possible of any normal person.

Sword Arts, or special techniques, are often the only ways to surpass human limits. They often offer multiple attacks or powerful side effects. Activating Sword Arts always involves taking a starting stance, letting the ability charge for a brief second, then releasing it. Players who aren't combat experienced usually rely on Sword Arts more than those who are, letting the system take control of their motions. More information can be found here.

It should be mentioned that there are no ranged weapons in Sword Art Online. The throwing skill or ranged Sword Arts are the only means to reach beyond the tip of your weapon.


Players who fight in Sword Art Online quickly realize that there is no pain. You can feel the hits, but physical pain is just simply not present. Player's brains often compensate, giving them the illusion of experienced pain, but this is easily overcome.

In addition to a lack of pain, players can't bleed. Hits that connect simple leave a brief, digital gash in the target. When a player or monster is slain, they disintegrate and loot is distributed via the menu system.


When your character is on a mission or during social threads you're welcome to control the creatures you're fighting. There are no real rules during these fights other than try and be realistic. Don't have your level 1 character soloing level 10 monsters. If a gamemaster determines your actions aren't acceptable, you'll be warned and/or penalized.

During special events certain monsters will be controlled by the staff. Treat the staff controlled monsters as you would another player's character. Don't godmod or powerplay.


Players may attack each other at any point, anywhere. There are NPC guards stationed in towns to keep order, but for the most part they aren't the most attentive when the other NPCs aren't in danger. All that said, you can't just randomly kill other people's characters. If you're willing to fight a player versus player fight with lives on the line, put the [DE] tag in the title of the thread.

If you're looking for more organized fights, duels are possible in Sword Art Online. They're a good tool for training or settling scores. Such duels can be initiated anywhere in the game with the exception of a few special areas. During official duels, the first player to reach 50% health loses. No attacks may reduce health below 50% until the duel is complete. Official duels do not stop outside forces from interfering so monsters or other players may intervene if they so choose.

If you have a duel you would like a gamemaster to moderate, place [GM] in the tag of the thread. A gamemaster will then watch over the thread to determine a winner. If the tag is not present it will fall on the roleplayers participating to decide who won.
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